TribestGreenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer GSE-5050


Are you the kind of person who can’t complete their morning routine without drinking a glass of fresh juice a day? Apparently, you are not alone who were stuck with the same dilemma when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Despite the impressive idea of keeping a healthy lifestyle, it can be a little hard to maintain it sometimes. Not to mention if you don’t have the needed discipline and budget to follow your diet plan. Of course, this also includes some help from kitchen appliances like juicers. A high-tech juicer is one of the most in-demand kitchen appliances today. Not to mention among certified juicers who can’t leave without having a glass of fresh juice every day. Nothing beats the health benefits of freshly squeezed juice from fruits or vegetables compared with instant and powdered juices. That is why Tribest Corporation see to it that all their products are high-quality that help promotes a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to juicing, Tribest is certainly one innovative leader to admire in the industry.

After all, their brand is also well-known in manufacturing Sprouters, Dehydrators, and Blenders. Thus, you can guarantee that they really know their way around appliances that are health oriented. If you’re looking for their impressive products on the market, this slow masticating juicer is not an exception. It does not produce heat in the process, unlike centrifugal juicers. It also extracts the juice out of its produce using a slow extraction process to preserve more live enzymes. This means that you can enjoy a healthier juice that is rich with more nutrients aside from being fresh. With a powerful motor, this juicer slowly cuts and crushes its produce to get a high amount of yield. In the end, you’ll get dryer pulp with waste to throw away.

Features and Specifications Of  TribestGreenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer GSE-5050:

  • 2-in-1 juice extracting and food processing machine gives it a versatile ability to come up with various juices and desserts
  • Weighs 17.2 pounds only with a 200W motor power that helps its blade to spin slowly in 110 RPM
  • Exclusive Jumbo Twin Gear technology that spins to 110 RPM with special points that depict the human’s masticating system
  • Stainless twin gears with pocket recesses and cutting functions help in processing hard vegetables
  • A complete masticating system with all the needed functions to experience a smooth juicing process
  • Exclusive magnetic and bioceramic technology allows it to extract juice or process produce with more vitamins and nutrients
  • Pressure adjustment mechanism makes it easier to adjust the amount of pressure needed in the pulp ejection
  • Includes a fine screen, coarse screen, homogenizing blank, and breadstick maker set


  • Versatile and sturdy
  • Easy to operate and to clean up after juicing or food processing
  • Prevents clogging and jamming by adjusting the pressure depending on the produce
  • Comes with lots of convenient Greenstar bonus items
  • Great machine for juicing leafy greens


  • Can be a little hard to disassemble and assemble
  • Time-consuming to clean
  • Heavy and expensive than its competitors
  • Requires more nozzle adjustments and some force to push its produce inside

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