9 Best Tips To Maintain a Cold Press Juicer

Investing in a cold press juicer calls for a diligent decision and once invested, the next is its maintenance. No matter, how much expensive a cold press juicer is, unless you are not maintaining a healthy up-keeping regime, it will not last long as expected. Most of the juicers come along with the manufacturer warranty for a specified period but any negligence on the part of the user is generally not covered in these warranty schedules.

Hence, it is important to maintain your Cold-pressed juicer to derive its benefits for the long term.

Here are some of the maintenance tips which one should consider to increase the life expectancy of their cold-pressed juicer:

  • If you are experiencing minor issues with the juice, address them right away. Ignoring the minor issue may turn into major and become cost intensive. If you are noticing an unusual noise or inappropriate operation of your juicer, it’s time to refer a mechanic.
  • Always refer to the services of a certified mechanic. There is a large number of mechanics available offering competitive fees. Never fell prey of the cheap services by an unqualified mechanic who can further ruin your juicer. There are several service centers maintained by the different manufacturers to offer post-sale service and assistance. These service centers have qualified technicians and hence charge slightly higher servicing fee compared to the unauthorized ones.
  • Always clean your juicer after use by separating each part to discard any struck/stick waste of fruits and vegetables to its various parts.
  • Once you rinse the washable parts thoroughly, it is important left it pat-dry before storing it. Any water or moisture may lead to the foul smell in your juicer. Also, if the wet washable parts are kept together with the motor, the moisture may enter in it and spoil it.
  • Always handle your juicer carefully. Most of the parts of any cold-pressed juicer are made up of good quality plastic. But any mishandling may lead to the crack or breakage of any of the part or body of the juicer and call for a replacement. So, even a little mishandling may cost you damn high.
  • Keep your juicer away the reach of your children. Especially when you have young kids at home, it is important to keep the juicer away from them. By watching you using the juicer, they may also entice to use it and their inappropriate usage or mishandling may lead to serious consequences.
  • Always refer to the instruction manual to assemble your juicer appropriately. Juicers from different manufacturers may have a different process of assembling. Even if, you already own a juicer and this time moved to a new manufacturer, always refer their instruction manual to get it assembled right. Any wrong step may lead to the permanent destruction of its motor or any other crucial part.
  • Never run a juicer for a more than 90 seconds in one run. If you are juicing for a large number of people, give your juicer adequate break-time in between so that the efficiency of its motor can be maintained. The recommended use is 20 ounces in one run. If you are juicing more than this, turn off the juicer for a few seconds and proceed.
  • If any part of your juicer needs replacement, it is ideal to replace such part from the same manufacturer who has produced the juicer. Cheap parts may save you on cost in the shorter run. But in the long run, using inferior quality part may cause hassles and cost you more with frequent replacements and affecting the overall quality of your juicer.

These tips will help you to prolong the life expectancy of your juicer and save cost on the maintenance of your cold-pressed juicer.

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