Pros and Cons of Juicing – What Everyone Ought To Know About Juicing

Juicing is known to be a healthful way to get in your daily quota of vegetables and fruits without actually having to eat them, raw or cooked and yet get almost all the benefits. Just as there are fans of juicing, there are detractors as well. If you are confused or bewildered, you are not alone as research, too, has shown that there are various pros and cons of juicing.pros and cons of juicing

The pros of drinking your fruits and vegetables

Drinking your fruits and vegetables in a beverage has many health benefits. Among them are:

  • If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way to get your daily requirements in.
  • Juices flood your body with easy to digest nutrients that can help build immunity and combat disease.
  • You can get Vitamin C and potassium from juices and many juices afford different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Juices are full of antioxidants that negate the effect of free radicals and environmental toxins.
  • You use up a lot of fruits and vegetables to make a single glass of juice that would be difficult to eat at one time.
  • Juices are mostly fat-free.

The cons of juicing

However, juices do have some disadvantages as well including

  • Raw fruits and vegetables carry an inherent risk of contamination by bacteria and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning or worse.
  • Juices do not allow you to reap the benefits of the fiber in the produce.
  • As you simply drink a juice, you may not feel full since most juices have a low satiety value.
  • Going on an all juice diet deprives the body of protein and fat that are important components of a balanced diet.
  • As juices yield only simple sugars, all-fruit juices can lead to spikes in blood sugar, causing irritability, mood swings, headaches, fatigue and more.
  • Like other diets, all-juice diets can lower your metabolic rate while you lose weight initially, only to put it back on faster.
  • If the juice is not drunk immediately, it can become toxic as the antioxidants and nutrients start to degrade and the bacteria to multiply rapidly.

So should you juice or not?

Juicing is a great way to get your vitamins, minerals and other nutrients quickly and efficiently, certainly much better than taking pills or supplements. A juice diet or a juice fast can help you kick-start your weight loss or diet program or even healthy eating plan easily. And reaching for a glass of juice is certainly much better than having sodas and sweetened (or even zero calories, artificially sweetened) beverages. If your juice contains more vegetables and just a little fruit, you are not taking in too many calories or natural sugars that can cause sugar spikes. When juice is supplemented by other foods, so that your body is not deprived of all the nutrition it needs, juicing is a wonderful way to pack in the nutrients that you would otherwise find difficult to get. It is also a great way to avoid foods that are packaged, processed, and junk or fast foods that actually are not good for health when compared to juice, which is a healthy option. A single glass of juice packs a potent punch and improves health, providing much needed and essential nutrients quickly and easily. So drink up.

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