Omega J8004 Juicer Review – A Horizontal Home Juicer And More


Anyone who is familiar with the Omega brand of juicers has probably already heard about the Omega J8004 Juicer, even if only by name. This is one of Omega’s best-selling juicers and rightly so since it offers a huge number of features and extra versatility options that place it way above the competition in its price range. The versatility of the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer is not just sales copy – it is a structural element of the design of the product giving it the ability to do things that no other juicer can do. This is part of the reason why it has “Nutrition Center” in its name. Apart from simply masticating fruits and vegetables in order to produce thick and delicious juices, the Omega J8004 Juicer can also be used to make homemade spaghetti, thick sauces, frozen desserts, and even natural peanut butter. Omega is providing a one-stop solution for a huge number of kitchen appliance needs in a single device.

Features Of The Omega J8004 Juicer

  • Masticating Juice System – Instead of slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables using centrifugal spinning blades, the Omega J8004 squeezes foods with a specialized engine and auger that removes all of the liquid from inside at a cellular level. It can be helpful to imagine the auger as a drill bit that squeezes out all of the liquid trapped inside your favorite foods.
  • Highly Versatile – As mentioned above, with a few easy adjustments and the use of an included accessory nozzle, you can transform your Omega J8004 into a pasta extruder or use it to whip soy milk, grind coffee, or even create salsa. The possibilities do not end there either – this is truly a versatile device.
  • Quick Operation – It is a common misconception that “slow juicers” like this one do not provide juice as quickly as their high-velocity, bladed counterparts. In fact, this slow juicer can juice a whole apple in less time than a large number of centrifugal juice extractors.
  • 2 HP Equivalent Motor – The gear reduction in the motor offers the equivalent of 2 full horsepower to the high-quality auger, making quick work of even the hardest, toughest and most difficult food materials.
  • GE Ultem Auger – The auger that actually performs the pressing is made of a material that is eight times stronger than the plastics usually used for this purpose. It can be relied on to crush and squeeze your foods for years to come and is even covered by warranty, should any defects befall it.
  • Dual Stage Juicing Mechanism – In order to extract the absolute maximum amount of juice from the fruits and vegetables that you throw into it, the Omega J8004 Juicer uses a dual stage juicing mechanism that separates the pulp from the juice in the first stage and, then, squeezes the pulp again for the second stage, leaving a dry fibrous membrane to be discarded.
  • Limited Froth And Oxidation – One of the primary benefits of a masticating juicer is that oxygenation occurs much less rapidly thanks to the absence of spinning blades and quick moving agitation. This means that your drinks will last longer and avoid separation better.
  • Easy To Clean – If you want an easy way to clean your juicer without having to disassemble the entire thing, simply pour a few cups of water into it and let the masticating motor clean the inside for you. This is an excellent and very effective way to clean the Omega J8004 Juicer without getting your hands dirty.

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Pros and Cons Of Using The Omega J8004 Juicer


  • Naturally, the main thing that customers are interested in when purchasing a juicer like this is the quality of the juices it produces. With the Omega J8004, there is nothing to worry about, as review tests have shown conclusively that it provides consistent masticating service for both soft fruits and hard vegetables.
  • The main advantage of this particular unit is the extra versatility that it offers thanks to the pasta extrusion nozzle and other accessories. Being able to make your own peanut butter at home is a fun and exciting project that also provides health benefits you are not likely to get with store-bought peanut butter.
  • At 7 inches by 15.5 inches and only 8.5 inches tall, the countertop footprint of this device is smaller than you would expect of a professional-grade food processor, and this is a welcome surprise that counts as a clear advantage, especially in crowded kitchens.


  • The only disadvantage to this appliance would have to be in comparison the Omega J8006 series, which is both slightly more expensive but built to higher quality specifications and offered in chrome instead of plastic. Many customers could not care less what the appliance looks like on the outside, however, and, in that case, the two products have almost no differences between them.

Check Reviews and Price on Amazon

Customer Reviews Of The Omega J8004 Juicer

People who have purchased the Omega J8004 Juicer are very happy with the device thanks to its versatile options and reliable performance. The fact that it is so quiet comes off as a clear advantage in many reviews, especially by people who wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for their families who are still sleeping. Another common and clever use for this device as reported in customer reviews is for the preparing of homemade baby food. With the right ingredients, you can create a healthy, fresh mixture that is perfect for your baby and skip the preservative-laced supermarket foods that dominate the industry. The Omega J8004 Juicer is by far the most versatile juice extractor on the market at the moment, and it deserves its place in gourmet home kitchens and professional kitchens around the world. Customers seem to love it, and review writers are ecstatic about its combination of versatility, reliability and effective juicing capabilities; the Omega J8004 Juicer is highly recommended.

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