Juicing for kids – 4 Tips To Remember


As children grow, their developing bodies have a greater demand for nutrition to compensate for the energy spent during their ever busy activities. There are different ways to provide them with the required nutrition and one of the best ways to do it is to ensure that they take a balanced diet which should comprise of fruits and vegetables. Juicing for kids is one of the best ways to introduce these nutrients, but it should be done with a lot of care to maintain the health standards in the process. If not done right, juicing could end up being a source of trouble rather than provide the benefits you are seeking. To achieve this goal, there is the right way to go about the whole process. This article will discuss some of the best practices that will help your kids to enjoy that glass of juice and benefit from all the nutrients contained in your juicing ingredients.juicing for kids

Things You Should Know When Juicing For Kids

First of all, it is important to note that processed juices have a bad impact on your kids’ health. To begin with, such juices contribute greatly to cases of tooth decay. Instead of giving them such juices, always consider fresh juices as they are healthier and can be prepared in a way that they’ll like them. With this in mind, consider the following tips when preparing juice for your kids: –

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Always avoid adding some artificial sweeteners when juicing for your kids. This will help prevent cases of tooth decay or introduction of harmful products into their body systems. It is possible to make sweet fresh juices for your children by mixing different kinds of fruits that are naturally sweet including mangoes, ripe bananas, and sweet oranges among others. Mixing these fruits proportionally will make the juices both sweet and healthy.

Give small proportions

Some of the fresh juices such as beets and spinach are normally very strong and should be given in smaller proportions. Unlike adults, children should drink smaller proportions of such juices considering their effect they have in cleansing the body system. Additionally, fruit juices can be a source of calories and if not given in moderation could contribute to weight gain.

Clean the fruits/veggies thoroughly

Children’s body systems are very sensitive and could react badly if you do not clean the fruits or vegetables properly. Before juicing the fruits or vegetables, always clean then with running water and rinse them properly. This will get rid of any elements that are likely to cause a reaction to their stomachs. Additionally, it is recommended that you use organic fruits to avoid those grown using toxic chemicals that could prove hazardous to your kids.

Serve your kids with juice a few minutes before meals

Fresh juices can work amazingly as appetizers to your kids especially for those with poor eating habits. Juicing for kids helps in triggering a hunger as the digestive system is put into work thus helping them to eat their meals as they should. This is especially true if the fruits used for making the juice have a high level of fibers, which are essential for aided digestion. This should be limited to a single serving per day.

It is important to ensure that the juice is prepared under hygienic conditions and stored is bottles which are properly cleaned. This will help prevent any kind of contamination which could affect the kids’ health. It is also important to avoid serving any kind of juice to infants below the age of 6 months. Instead, these should purely live on milk unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. Additionally, avoid storing the juice for long to prevent the dissipation of its beneficial effects. Buy the best juicer and make fresh juice for kids at home

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