Juicer Vs. Blender: Here is How to decide which is ideal for you?


Juicer or blender…which is better? We never seize to see these kinds of questions on forums, blog comments and even emails from our blog readers. Heck! Even we ourselves must have asked these same kinds of questions at one time when we first started out on the road to healthy living with juices and smoothies. Making a choice between a juicer vs blender machines can be a bit difficult and tricky because the duos are two very important kitchen cooking gadgets that looks very much alike and also perform similar functions. It will surprise you to learn that some folks trying to determine which will proof a better option for them between a juicing machine and a smoothie maker can’t even spot what the distinguishing differences that exist between the two! The best way to decide which of the two will be most suitable for your kitchen is to first learn what a juice extracting machine and a kitchen blending appliance is. Thereafter, determine what your needs are. With these two simple but very crucial factors well sorted out, you will be on your way to picking the most suitable cooking gadget that you will derive maximum satisfaction and benefits from.

If you are reading this article and wondering if it will be ok to order one of these kitchen gadgets and use for both purposes or if there is really any significant differences between a juicer and blender, then we urge you to read on to discover what the answers to those questions are.

Difference Between Blender and Juicer

Basically, there are three major areas of differences between the two appliances which are;

Differences Based on Function

In case you are not aware, the major differences that exist between a juice extracting machine and a kitchen mixing appliances lies in how they operate and function to bring about the end products of either a juice or a uniformed mixture of food ingredients. A blender is built with a number of blades that spins rapidly to chop food ingredients into smaller pieces. While a juicer, on the other hand, works by extracting the nutritional liquid content of either a fruit or vegetables rather than just crushing them as is the case with a high powered kitchen blender. So for instance, if you can drop a whole carrot into a juicer, you will obtain an end product of a fine extracted carrot juice full of vital nutrient contents whereas the same result cannot be obtained if you were to drop it into a blending jar of a blender.

Content Separation Differences

Uniform mixtures are easily obtained with blenders as the blade rotates rapidly cutting food ingredients into smaller pieces. As a result, the end product will be a uniformed mixture of everything that was dropped into the blender jar with no separation of either the seeds, fibers or the skin. The same cannot be said of a juicer appliance as its primary functionality lies in the separation of the seeds, leaves, fibers and the skin from the final juice output. This of course is the fundamental workings of a juicer machine and the health benefits surrounding the whole concept of juicing.

Content Differences

What are you seeking to achieve with your fruit and vegetable? A high juice content at the end or a highly uninformed mixture? If your answer favors the former, then you are better off with a blender as it is more effective in obtaining an even mixture of different food ingredients blended together. But if your answer favors the latter, then, by all means, go for a juicer because it will make the juice extracting process much faster and easier. So in summary, the final produce from a blender contain a mixture of both the fiber, seeds, leaf as well as the skin blended together in an even solution whereas, with a juicer, the final produce is purely the liquid content of the fruits or vegetables.

Deciding between the two…

One of the criteria folks use to decide which one to go for between the juicer versus a blender is the health advantages each can provide. Here, we will briefly highlight what health benefits we stand to gain for taking side with either of the two important kitchen gadgets.

Health Benefit of Juicing

Rapid absorption of Nutrients into Blood Stream: Because our body system doesn’t need to dissipate any energy to deal with fibers that are not present in juices, extracting and consuming fresh fruit and vegetable drinks makes it easy and much faster for the nutrient in the juices to be absorbed into our blood stream.

Ideal for our Body System Cleansing: Consuming healthy fresh juices on a daily basis has been known to have a very dramatic effect in the cleansing of our body system from toxic substances.

The healing effect of juice: Aside from being a source of high nutrient content to the body, regular consumption of juice has been known to also play key role in the healing processes associated with many digestive problems.

Energy Boost: The consumption of fresh juice are not only limited to their healing effects, body cleansing and nutrient source benefits. It has also been discovered to be a great source of energy boost for tackling the day-to-day life challenges.

The Health Benefits of Consuming Smoothie

Regulation of Blood Sugar: The fibers found in smoothies helps to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs fruit sugar thus preventing blood sugar spikes in the body system.

High Protein Content: Smoothies are good source of protein because you can directly add protein supplements like wey powder, mike and even soy milk into your smoothie to make it yummier and more nutritional.

Last longer: There is no rush in having to consume all the prepared smoothies for fear of it getting spoil or lose its nutrient value as is the case with juices. Basically, smoothies can last for about 36 hours without losing any of its nutrients content value.

Deciding between juicer vs blender: which is it going to be?

Having learn what the two kitchen gadgets are, how they function, their differences as well as the advantages you stand to gain for taking side with either of the two, it’s time to make up your mind on which of the two you think will best suit your needs. If you intend to prepare more of meal replacement fast drinks like smoothies, then blender is the best option as it will help you to prepare them rapidly than a juicer. But if you plan to consume more of fresh vegetable and fruit drinks that are free from fibers and other contents, then by all means go for a robust juice extracting machine.

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